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Last updated: October 6, 2023

Door Installation Guide 2024

The Door Installation Process and Factors to Consider Before Installation

Doors are the entry point to your home, making it very important to install or have them installed correctly. Improper installation of doors may lead to air leaks, drafts, and damage to walls from water or mold. Our installation guide will help you understand the factors you need to consider when installing a door, in order for a proper installation.

In this guide, we will also be going through a step-by-step process of installing doors. This will help you understand the various steps involved in door installation. It will especially be helpful if you’re undertaking the installation as a DIY project, instead of calling a certified installer. For your benefit, we have also compared DIY vs. professional door installation. It will help you make an informed decision as to whether you should undertake the installation of your door as a DIY project or call upon a certified installer.

As mentioned above, improper installation of your door can lead to several issues. Understanding the importance of proper door installation will further help in your decision for a DIY vs. professional door installation. If you do decide to go with a professional installation, you will have to find an installer that is the right fit for you, one that meets your requirements and budget.

Finding a reliable installer is a difficult task. You will be spending hours of your time calling them one by one, explaining your requirements and requesting quotes. This tedious task is made simpler by GreenMatch. Click the button below, fill out the form, and we will match you with up to 3 certified installers along with their quotes to compare. Our service is free with no obligation to accept either of the quotes.

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Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Door

For each homeowner, the reason for replacing or installing a new door may be different. If you are thinking of installing a new door or replacing an old door, you need to do it for the right reasons. Below we have discussed the reasons why doors should be or can be replaced. This will also help you understand if you have a door that is on its last leg and needs to be replaced.

Damage and Drafts

The natural phenomena of your home’s foundation moving and settling over the years may cause your door and its frame to go slightly off-kilter. This may leave the door leaky, allowing drafts of air to seep into your home. Doors are entry points to your home and hence, go through a good amount of wear and tear over the years. This can further cause damage and distortion to the door. Leaking air is not the only problem this may cause. Water may start to seep in, damaging your walls and the door, and creating bigger problems such as pest infestation and mold.

Other than damage caused to the structure in such a way, it is also possible that the wear and tear to the door have the door looking old, weathered, and has dents or is chipped. This may certainly be cause enough for you to want to change the door. After all, if it’s the front door, you do not want to leave a battered and beaten impression on guests or passersby.


Over the years, the door may stop being fully functional, which is a major security issue. If you see that the door doesn’t close properly or are unable to operate the locks effectively, it is definitely time to change the door. Doors that do not close or lock properly can pose great security threats to you. Elements you are trying to keep outside your home may easily find their way in, threatening the safety of you and your family. As times change and new technology makes smart security systems available, you may simply want to upgrade your door to have a better security system in place.

Energy Efficiency

Drafts and air leaks can easily cause a loss of energy efficiency, increasing your energy bills significantly. Wooden doors, especially, over the years and with exposure to the sun and other natural elements may warp and rot, reducing its energy efficiency. Improper installation of the door may also lead to loss of energy and increase your energy bills. If this is the case, you may want to think about installing a new door or at least replacing the old door.


Another simple reason for changing the door may be that you want to change the door to give your home a better aesthetic appeal. You may have renovated your home, or you may want to simply change the look of your home with a new door. It may be the perfect reason to invest in a door that accentuates the personality and beauty of your home.

Factors to Consider when Installing a Door

There are several reasons why you would need to replace your door. Before you reach the point of installing a new door, there are factors you should consider prior to that. Taking these factors into consideration will help you make an informed decision regarding the replacement door. It will help you choose the right type of door, style, material, and one that fits within your budget.


The average cost of replacing a door ranges between $110 to $5,000. The cost covers several things, from style or material to customizations that you may want for your door. The first thing you may want to consider is setting up a budget for your door replacement project. This will help you choose the style, material or customizations for the door accordingly.


Having set a budget leaves you free to choose the most suitable door style to uplift the appearance of your home. Be it an exterior or interior door, the reasons for replacing your door can play a role in choosing the style of door. If you’re replacing your door to improve your home’s curb appeal or simply want to change and revamp the look of

your home, choosing the right style is important.


The material of the door is an important factor to consider, mainly in order to ensure that the door lasts longer and is effectively energy efficient. If you’re replacing your front door or an exterior door, you may want to rethink upon installing a wooden door. Wood is a material that is most easily affected by sunlight and other natural elements, requiring regular maintenance to make it last longer. For exterior doors, you may want to invest in steel, aluminum, or fiberglass doors. Wood is a material you may easily be able to use for internal doors. Hence, depending on where you are installing the new door, you may want to consider the material for the door.


Door accessories such as locks, handles, hinges, or even decorative elements, are another factor to consider. Today, technology offers you highly advanced security systems that you can use instead of the traditional lock and key systems. To enhance the aesthetic appeal of your door and make a statement, you may want to consider the other elements that go in the door.

All these factors are important to consider when installing a door. If you’re unsure of how to proceed, you may want to consult a certified installer, who may visit the site, go through your requirements with you and help you reach a decision. GreenMatch can help you find the right installer with just a click of the button below. Fill out the form and we will match you with up to 3 installers and get their quotes to compare. Our service is free with no obligation.

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A Step-by-Step Door Installation Process

The installation process of doors is pretty much the same for both, exterior and interior doors. There are slight differences in the process involving the two types of doors. Below we have discussed briefly the steps involved in installing both exterior and interior doors for your reference.

Steps to Install an Interior Door

Step 1

The first step will be to remove the old door along with its frame and hardware. Then clean and prepare the door opening for installation of the new door.

Step 2

Measure the old door and prepare the new door accordingly, trimming if necessary to fit it in the frame. You will most likely be required to trim the door’s height and width.

Step 3

The next step would be to fit in the hinges and door jamb based on the measurements taken off of the old door. Add the hinges to the door frame and then hang the door.

Set the door in its frame, ensuring it fits perfectly in it. If necessary add shims to level the door as required, then trim the shims. Screw the hinges securely and ensure that the door sits securely in the frame.

Step 4

The next step is to install all the hardware and accessories to the door, such as the knob, latch, etc. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions accurately to ensure the optimal functioning of the door.

Step 5

The last step is to test the door and make any adjustments if needed.

Steps to Install an External Door

For installing an external door, you basically have to follow the same steps as that of installing an internal door. However, there are a few additional steps you have to follow to ensure the longevity and energy efficiency of your door.

As an additional step, you may be required to add weather proofing in order to protect the door from natural elements such as sunlight and changing weather.

For enhanced security measures, you may want to install a deadbolt or delve into more technologically advanced options.

DIY vs. Professional Door Installation

You know the process of installation and the reasons why you would need to or want to replace your old door. We have also discussed the factors you need to consider before installing a door. Now the question is whether you should go for DIY installation or have a professional come and install the door. To gain a better understanding of the difference between the two and make an informed decision on how to go about it we have discussed the pros and cons of the two below.

DIY door installation definitely means that you will be saving on labor costs and other hidden costs often involved with hiring a professional installer. If you install the door yourself, you also have the flexibility to finish the project at your own convenience.

However, if you’re thinking of installing the door yourself, you need to assess a few things beforehand. You need to consider if you have the necessary skills, time, and tools to accomplish the task. While DIY projects are not complicated, and there are several tutorial videos available online today. It may not necessarily mean that you will end up with a properly installed door.

DIY door installation may cause you to land into some potholes with the end result. You may end up having a leaky or drafty door. There may be unforeseen complications that may render the task difficult to finish. Improperly installed doors may not be optimally operational, leading you to cost higher than what you would originally have invested in hiring a professional.

With a professional installer, you get what you asked for. Door installation is what they do and hence, they bring their professional training along with their expertise and experience to the task. You save plenty of time as they are trained to finish the task as quickly as possible. Moreover, you will have the benefits of warranties and guarantees that installers often offer along with their services.

However, the cost of hiring a professional installer is obviously higher than that of a DIY installation. You may also have to adjust your time and schedules according to their availability. You also may have limited control over the preferences if they haven’t been communicated beforehand.

In the end, both options are good enough depending on your budget, availability of time, and expertise and experience with carrying out such a task. Finding a professional installer if you decide to hire one, is a difficult task to undertake. You may end up spending hours of your time over calls, explaining your requirements to each installer and requesting quotes. You will then sit and compare each to find the most affordable and best deal.

GreenMatch, with just a click of the button below, can match you with up to 3 certified, reliable installers. We will get their quotes for you to compare, saving hours of your time. Our service is free with no obligation.

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